Package Description

Note: These perks might not always be up to date, check /rankperks in-game for a regularly updated list! 

Minecraft Perks »  

  • Access to /nick! Change your nickname!
  • Access to /itemname! Change the name of an item without an anvil or exp!
  • Access to /beezooka! Buzz + PewPew = Yes
  • Access to /suicide! Only use this in-game.
  • Access to /pweather! Change your personal weather (also purely cosmetic)!
  • Access to /tm message! Use titles to send a message!
  • Access to /ast! Edit armor stands!
  • Access to /kit Sacred! Get some extra stuff!
  • Able to buy Heads from /headdb!
  • Access to select a pattern with Drills!
  • Access to use the Drills item filter!
  • The following Disguises (Armor_Stand, Blaze, Boat, Camel, Chest_Boat, Creeper, Elder_Guardian, Enderman, Evoker, Evoker_Fangs, Ghast, Illusioner, Iron_Golem, Magma_Cube, Minecart, Minecart_Chest, Minecart_Furnace, Minecart_Hopper, Minecart_TNT, Phantom, Piglin_Brute, Ravager, Shulker, Slime, Sniffer, Snowman, Warden, Witch, Wither_Skeleton, Zombie_Villager)
  • Everything from Platinum and below!

Discord Perks »

  • Fancy pink colored name!
  • Change your nickname!